“Team members share their rich experience and substantial knowledge, are attentive and encouraging without being intrusive.  They provide respect and, at times, a gentle push to explore beyond some self-imposed limits.”

– Elizabeth M., Soul Renewal Journey, 2014

ImageCheryl Slover-Linett  Cheryl founded Lead Feather in 2008 and organizes all of Lead Feather’s journeys.  Driven by a desire to share her passion with others, she helps connect people to nature…and ultimately to themselves.  Born on the Navajo (Diné) reservation, she was the first white baby to be born in the Ft. Defiance, AZ hospital.  She lived on Diné lands for the first two years before her family moved to the east coast.  Also a long-time researcher and arts consultant, Cheryl blends leadership with self-discovery.  Read more about Cheryl here.

Duane - side viewDuane Kinnart  Duane is an Ojibwa leader based in Michigan’s forested Upper
Peninsula.  He is one of the tribe’s Fire Keepers and a Keeper of the Sacred Song.  He shares his love and his knowledge generously and is a wonderful leader of journeys.  He has been leading Lead Feather journeys since 2008.  Duane is also a partner in the Ojibwa non-profit 4-All where he teaches children of all ages the wisdom of the Ojibwa elders.

Larry sitting croppedLarry Glover  Both a professional wilderness guide and an experiential learning coach, Larry has intertwined nature and the human potential arenas for more than 40 years.  He has worked internationally in the realms of leadership, creativity and high performance teams and has facilitated over 6,000 guided client days, often in remote settings.  He leads The Wild Resiliency Institute, founded to support people in celebrating their love of nature as a conscious path into wholehearted living and well-being.  Larry has led journeys with Lead Feather since 2012.

MJ & CSL close-up 1M.J. Waldrip is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Albuquerque, NM in private practice at Mountain Jay Spirit Medicine. She is a graduate of Southwestern College and brings over 12 years of depth work in grief, loss, complex trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, addiction and transformation to her practice. She holds the grief process as a deeply sacred and vital practice for human self-actualization, and recognizes that experiences in nature are critical for the healing and maturation of our society. Her prior 20 years of work was as a materials scientist and engineer, focusing on crystal growth for solid-state lighting and developing ecologically harmonious forms of energy storage. She appreciates the deep need for supported grief in these pivotal times.

Van peace croppedVan Archiquette:  Van is an Oneida elder and brings an incredible sense of love, caring and belonging to our journeys.  He is a healing presence for many and lends his ear to all.

Travis croppedTravis Teller:  Travis is a young leader in the Diné (Navajo) Nation.  Years ago, he had the honor of being selected to become a medicine man – a decades-long process at the side of the Diné elders.  He also teaches Diné culture and language to Diné children in school.  Travis has worked with Lead Feather since 2010, sharing the Diné culture and welcoming us to his homeland in Canyon de Chelly, the spiritual center for the Diné people.

Tanya headshot croppedTanya Teller:  As Travis’ partner in work, love and raising children, Tanya is an incredible woman.  She began working with Lead Feather in 2010 and has led our sweat lodges for women.  She brings her beautiful voice to our ceremonies and shares her smile with all.

Lead Feather wouldn’t be where it is today without the incredible support and guidance from three of its original founders — Aaron Kinnart, Carrie Cohen and Paulie Cohen.  We will be forever grateful for your shared passion, incredible dedication and wonderful partnership.  Thank you!

Every Lead Feather journey is led by guides with professional Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid training.  For more details about our journeys, please see our FAQs.
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