“Nature has been such a powerful healer for me.”

Nature has been such a powerful healer for me

I feel that being outside is truly the most natural state for people. I know first-hand how it can lead to discovering more about one’s own place in the world, and how nature can connect us more closely to the people and dreams that are most important to us.  I want to share that with people and help them heal or grow in whatever way they wish.

That’s why I believe strongly in providing wilderness journeys that help people move past things that are blocking them from becoming their true selves, and inspire in them the courage to embrace their full potential.  I have also been blessed to have in my life the wisdom of Native American friends and team leaders who share with to journey participants the lessons we can find by listening to nature for guidance and truth.  I also wanted to create journeys that people can come on regardless of their experience level in nature.  I hadn’t camped for years when I first got into this, and the support of others was so important as I worked through my fears.  That’s part of how the intentional communities we create on each journey can be so powerful.  And I realized that nature is an incredibly healing force — the earth held me as I worked through my fears and it continues to be a healing presence for me every day.

After more than two decades living in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and parts of Europe running a successful non-profit research firm, my family and I now live in Santa Fe. I still work part-time with that “business hat” on, but I am happier and more fulfilled now, being able to take advantage of the outdoors on a regular basis.  Beyond the physical benefits of being active in nature, the time I spend in the mountains or among the trees helps give me clarity about whatever issue I’m holding—work, family, friends or personal.

I invite you to discover for yourself how reflective time in nature can inspire and empower you in ways you never dreamed possible.

Cheryl Slover-Linett, Lead Feather Founder

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