New Mexico Hiking Rocks

“I was unprepared for the empowering and uplifting effect being in the wild had on me.”

– Alan S., Family Journeys and 2014 Soul Renewal Journey

All of us share similar challenges—finding healthy ways to connect more fully to our loved ones, overcome past wounds, discover our authentic selves, and live the lives we imagine.

Lead Feather believes that being immersed in nature is the most effective setting for this work. We provide wilderness journeys that offer a unique interplay of supportive, shared experiences along with solo reflection time. DSCF0864
After coming on a Lead Feather journey, people tell us they:

  • Live their true, authentic lives, with greater clarity about their life purpose
  • Have greater trust in what their gifts are and use them to make the world a better place
  • Feel more optimistic and grateful about their lives
  • Discover new ways to view themselves and in relation to others
  • Find the courage to embrace vulnerabilities and envision the next steps in their own life journeys
  • Feel more connected to themselves and to each other, by tapping into Native American wisdom and the truths of Mother Nature

For more information about our Native American connections and approach, click here.  Or read more about our founder’s story.

And if you’d like to get right to the practical details about our journeys, you can check out our FAQ.

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