Radio Cafe with Travis Teller

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Mary-Charlotte Domandi’s Radio Cafe show on Santa Fe’s public radio station, KSFR.  Travis Teller, the Dine/Navajo medicine man who hosts Lead Feather’s Canyon de Chelly journeys, joined me for the conversation.

It was the first time I’d been interviewed for a radio show and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect — especially since Mary-Charlotte hadn’t spoken with Travis before, nor had she and I talked about how she was planning to connect our stories.  Thirty minutes was suddenly seeming like a lot of time to fill!

Mary-Charlotte, who has hosted the show for over a decade, is a total pro though and made us both feel at ease.  Taping the show at the Santa Fe Baking Company helped too, with its relaxed atmosphere and delicious scones — hard to be stressed there.

Travis and I began creating wilderness journeys together in 2010 and share a lot of the same perspectives on life, nature, our connection to everything and how much seeing things through another lens can help each of us.  We have a lot of fun with what we do and I’m always grateful to share time in the canyon with him on his family land.  Interested in joining us?  Check out this fall’s Canyon de Chelly journey and see how you can feel more connected too — to family and friends, to the earth…and ultimately to yourself.

Click to here to listen to or download the show.


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