Native wisdom

“Lead Feather journeys provide a greater understanding of a different set of cultures, moving past stereotypes to real human relationships; a chance to appreciate both our differences and our commonalities.” Liz C., 2010 Canyon de Chelly Journey

Lead Feather founder Cheryl Slover-Linett was born on the Navajo (Diné) Reservation in Arizona, moving to the East Coast when still a young child. In her 40s, she was reintroduced to Native American practices and traditions while on a personal leadership journey on Isle Royale that included members of the Ojibwa tribe.  It was here that Cheryl discovered how being more connected to the Earth could transform her ability to achieve healing, balance and clarity in her life.DSCF2600

Through journeys for both Native Americans and non-Native Americans, Lead Feather awakens people to indigenous wisdom and ceremony that helps strengthen their relationship with nature and themselves. Guided by ancient spiritual and cultural wisdom, our team leaders share sacred ceremonies, which may include talking circles, sweat lodges, drumming and singing circles, sacred fire ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, and storytelling.

In Native American culture, discovering a ‘Lead’ eagle feather in the wilderness is a coveted experience.  We invite you to discover a Lead Feather journey that will deepen your connection to yourself and the earth.

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