Re-Wilding the Self — For the Wild Ride of Our Times

A Day in the Wilderness
Santa Fe National Forest
Northern New Mexico
2019 dates TBD (we’ve had a great time on past years’ hikes, hope you join us next time!)

$100 per person Register Now  

In partnership with Wild Resiliency Awakening and New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

“One day in nature with your caring suggestions and warmth and careful listening has made a surprising difference in how I see and think about things. I’ve told a few friends about you — now they want to know all about it. But how does one convey magic?!”  Barbara F.


What is this wildness we value in nature? And what is this self we inhabit? And what might we learn from the juncture of the wildness — without and within — about navigating our turbulent times with greater passion, courage, joy and ease?

  • What: a retreat day with light hiking intermixed with structured exercises and personal solo time
  • Where: in the Santa Fe National Forest, either on the Santa Fe side or the Cowles’ side (about 30 minutes north of the village of Pecos). We will select the location a few days prior to the hike, based on weather and other conditions.
  • Who: fellow nature lovers
  • When: 9:30am-4pm, Saturday April 21
  • Logistics: Maps and additional information will be provided upon registration. Plan to bring clothing, food and water for a day in the mountains.
  • Investment: $100 per person includes a $35 donation or 1 year membership fee to New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

Join us for a playful day in the forest among the trees, wind, animals and sunshine. We’ll integrate ecology, poetry and mythology, with insights from neurobiology and eco-psychology sprinkled throughout. Throw in ancient indigenous practices for wisdom gathering and we’ll share an inspiring and provocative day of re-wilding.

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.” Rachel Carson, writer/environmentalist

This program is in partnership with Larry Glover and Wild Resiliency Awakening (USFS permit holder) and is the second in a benefit series for New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.  A portion of your fees go to support NMWA’s efforts to protect New Mexico’s wild areas.

7 Comments on “Re-Wilding the Self — For the Wild Ride of Our Times

  1. Hello! I am interested in attending this event, but before I sign up I was wondering if I could get a ride with someone from Santa Fe. Thank you! I can be reached at Cheers, Shawna

  2. I host guests on the south side of Canyon Largo overlooking the Sabinoso wilderness through Hip Camp, My site there is Largo Rim Ranch The Eagles View. I would definitely be interested in collaborating a retreat with you.

  3. I won’t be able to come to this though I’d very much like to. Will you be offering other days of re-wilding in the future? Thanks.

    • We don’t have anything on the schedule yet, but would definitely be open to it this summer or fall. Will keep you posted and I’ll also send you an email with thoughts on another program. Thanks for reaching out!

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