Inspired by Nature 2019: A Journey into Creativity

Four days immersed in art and nature, light and darkness
Santa Fe National Forest
Northern New Mexico
October 3-7, 2019

$695 per person Register Now  

In partnership with Wild Resiliency Awakening

“One day in nature with your caring suggestions and warmth and careful listening has made a surprising difference in how I see and think about things. I’ve told a few friends about you — now they want to know all about it. But how does one convey magic?!”  Barbara F.

Have you unleashed the natural creativity inside you to lead a more passionate and purposeful life? Lead Feather invites you to inspire your fullest creative self on a 4-day journey immersed in the nature and peacefulness of northern New Mexico.  This is a fantastic journey for those seeking inspiration in any area of life — relationships, health, money, work.  We’ll look at how we can each tap into our innate creativity to bring greater ease and excitement to our lives, investigating our curiosity, how we “show up” in the world, mindfulness, the willingness to see the world with a new lens…all things when practiced can lead to greater creativity.

  • What: a four-day retreat with hiking intermixed with creativity exercises and personal solo time
  • Where: in the Santa Fe National Forest, about an hour from Santa Fe
  • Who: fellow nature lovers and inquirers into creativity
  • When: the evening of Thursday, October 3 through the morning of Monday, October 7
  • Logistics: Maps, a packing list and additional information will be provided upon registration.
  • Investment: $695 per person

During the journey, you’ll have ample time for inspiration in nature—hiking along trails, sitting by the river, listening to the breeze moving through the aspens,  gazing at the night sky. The journey puts you close to nature, yet with the comforts of a bed, heated shower, fireplace and full kitchen. 

Setting Our four days will be spent together on permitted lands in the Santa Fe National Forest in the midst of a spectacular pine and aspen forest. (It’s worth noting here that the aspen grove is claimed by some to be the world’s largest known individual life form.) Our forest program adventures will be based out of a private mountain cabin, where we will be hosted as invited guests, with limited indoor lodging available to those who sign up first. Tent camping is also available.

Activities Join us for a playful few days in the forest among the trees, wind, animals and sunshine. We’ll integrate ecology, poetry and mythology, with insights from neurobiology and eco-psychology sprinkled throughout. Throw in ancient indigenous practices for wisdom gathering and we’ll share an inspiring and provocative time of re-wilding.  Each day will include meditation, forest art, hiking, solo time and time in community.  We’ll also have evening activities to help us integrate our experiences and further our exploration of creativity.

Three Bonuses!  Once you sign up for this journey we’ll send you a pre-journey email with suggested readings and thought-provoking questions to get you ready for our time together.  A month or two after the journey we’ll gather together in an online video call to remember our experiences in nature.  You’ll also then be able to join our past-participant video calls to welcome in each season.  These are beautiful opportunities to reconnect to the wellspring of aliveness that exists in each of us, but often gets covered up with our day-to-day activities.

Click on these links to register and download our waiver form.  For more details about the journeys, check out our FAQs.  We do have a handful of scholarships for every journey so if cost is an issue please don’t let it get in the way of joining us.


“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.” Rachel Carson, writer/environmentalist

This program is in partnership with Larry Glover and Wild Resiliency Awakening (both WRA and LF are USFS permit holders).  A portion of your fees go to support our efforts to protect New Mexico’s wild areas.

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