Balance at the Equinox: Weaving together our feminine and masculine

Two and a half days immersed in nature and self-exploration
Santa Fe and the surrounding National Forest
Northern New Mexico
September 20-22, 2019 to welcome the Fall Equinox

Sliding scale in the spirit of the gift economy:  $195-$495 per person Register Now  

Co-hosted by Lead Feather and Wild Resiliency Awakening

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.  There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi

We invite you to join us as we explore balancing the feminine and the masculine — both the healthy elements of each and their shadow sides.  We’ll look to nature as the mirror and medicine inspiring and informing each of our paths. This journey arose from  looking at our own feminine and masculine sides and finding ways to create space for each.  When we first began working together, Larry had a highly developed feminine side and Cheryl was solidly in her masculine.  By exploring why one side was stronger than the other we’ve each been able to balance both in healthier ways.

This retreat is designed to help you claim the space and time to re-balance to the life you want to lead.  Our intention is to support you in a personal gathering of strategies, skills, tools and practices of creating balance in today’s challenging world.  Join us for a few days of unplugging from technology in order to connect to something deeper.  And coming right before the Fall Equinox, there’s no better time to re-balance!

 What you’ll gain:

  • A stronger and healthier relationship with both your feminine and masculine sides — key for both men and women!
  • Learning how to take a break from “doing” all the time, in order to foster the more feminine “being” and in the process be able to “do” better.
  • New perspectives on key areas of focus in your life and skills for sharpening your attention on them — now and well into the future.
  • A deeper connection to nature and the four elements — water, air, fire and earth — as vital forces living within and worthy of nourishing relationships with.
  • Greater confidence in and commitment to putting yourself first more.
  • An ecological lens on self-care, with a greater sense from science of how we are more like the forest than not.
  • A deepening of your own mindfulness, meditation, and other supportive self-care practices.
  • Optional: your own personalized Nature Medicine Wheel to help guide your decisions, created by the facilitators based on training with Ojibwe fire-keepers on how they use the medicine wheel and the four directions to help in personal healings.

Some of our activities include:

  • Hikes each day through the forest — sometimes by rivers, sometimes on mountain ridges with incredible vistas, always with joy and curiosity.
  • Daily talking circles to deepen our connection with our community
  • Meditation and mindfulness in nature
  • Solo time in nature, for journaling, drawing or whatever your heart desires
  • Exploring the night sky on a night hike (just using the moon and stars as our guides — this is often a highlight for people!)
  • Preparing and eating three hearty meals each day (each person brings or cooks a meal for the group, with all of us helping in preparation and clean-up)
  • Gratitude and takeaway circles

Setting Our three days will be spent together on permitted lands in the Santa Fe National Forest in the midst of a spectacular pine and aspen forest. (It’s worth noting here that the aspen grove is claimed by some to be the world’s largest known individual life form.) Our forest program adventures will be based out of a private mountain cabin, where we will be hosted as invited guests, with limited indoor lodging available to those who sign up first. Tent camping is also available.

Three Bonuses!  Once you sign up for this journey we’ll send you a pre-journey email with suggested readings and thought-provoking questions to get you ready for our time together.  A month or two after the journey we’ll gather together in an online video call to remember our experiences in nature.  You’ll also then be able to join our past-participant video calls to welcome in each season.  These are beautiful opportunities to reconnect to the wellspring of aliveness that exists in each of us, but often gets covered up with our day-to-day activities.

As the poet Mark Nepo posits “The challenge of our age is to stay in relationship….to who we are, to our aliveness, to everything larger than us.  This opens up a conversation with life.”  Our goal for our time together is to deepen that aliveness — to bring a new sense of energy and passion to ourselves, our relationships and our life’s work.

Click on these links to register and download our waiver form.  For more details about the journeys, check out our FAQs.  We do have a handful of scholarships for every journey so if cost is an issue please don’t let it get in the way of joining us.

This program is hosted on forest service lands in partnership with Larry Glover (USFS permit holder) and Wild Resiliency Awakening.  A portion of your fees go to support Lead Feather’s programs for Native American youth, helping them connect deeply to Mother Earth.  Interested in helping more?  Learn how.

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to bloom.” Anais Nin

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